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Hi guys! File Types Included: .BRUSHSET. If you enjoy digital collage art as much as I do, you must’ve noticed how essential the texturing is for catchy images. 20 high quality wood texture procreate brushes. They work ONLY with iPad procreate app. Add to favorites. This time I bring you some texture brushes to illustrate in procreate. Wood Grain - Seamless wood grain texture for a rustic look. Price: $8 This is a pack of 24 Procreate paint brushes based on classic oil paint, acrylic, and gouache methods. The KickOff Lettering Toolbox shoutbam $ 28. These brushes can use a variety of shades to draw the rainbow and can also be used to design circles on paper or be used to border the pages as well as divide the page into numerous parts and form a beautiful pattern on the page. Included in this set: 30 Procreate texture brushes; Wood texture brushes; Liquid texture brushes; Fabric texture brushes; Terrain and stone texture brushes; Zipped File Size: 83.4 MB. Procreate Paint Brushes. I've been working on a custom brush to make rendering wooden products easier. A set of shading and texturing Procreate brushes. 35 brushes in total. These brushes are inspired by the sweet, sweet textures of 1950s tiki illustrations (but the textures are broad-ranging and can be used for any type of illustration style). It’s becoming an increasingly popular tool with illustrator‘s and letterers who enjoy being able to use traditional art techniques with handheld tools, without the disconnect between a graphics tablet and computer monitor. As with […] Procreate Brushes Bundle 205 Washi Tape Brushes by OkayAnnie Designs Sold By: OkayAnnie Designs Buy Now; New! Add the look of a printing press, halftone, fabric, grunge, and more for Procreate on iPad Pro. Get These Brushes. cubebrush. myPhotoshopBrushes.com gathers Photoshop brushes, psd files, patterns, custom shapes, styles, gradients and tutorials created by artists from all over the world. Landscape Texture Brush Pack. Wood Texture Brushes for Procreate Graphic. The creativity of Procreate expands beyond the app itself, with thousands of designers and creators making add-on brushes, textures, and patterns to take your creative process to the next level. The pack includes: 10 brushes -Flat texture -Magic texture -Wood texture -Wild brush -Drag brush -Constellation -Ink Brush -Detail -Space brush -Sideral chalk Note: These brushes only work in procreate not in photoshop. - SkeleTones Ink Brushset 10 basic ink brushes - SkeleTones Texture Brushes 10 paper and distressed noise texture brushes Compatibility: - Procreate (Version 4 or higher) - iPad Pro running iOS 11 or higher - Apple Pencil or iPad Pro compatible stylus. The pack features a diverse selection of textures including plywood, live old-growth logs, aged construction lumber and furniture grade edge-grain timber. Outline Brushes for Procreate - Outline Pack Snooze One $ 26. Here's what you get: 74 … The brush size, width, length, and color scheme can all be adjusted and customized as per the artist’s liking. These brushes mix and layer well so you can create realistic-looking paintings in Procreate. Dry Texture Brushes for Procreate Trailhead Design Co. $ 18. I hope they like it as much as I do! Get texture brushes for commercial and editorial illustrations, digital collaging, painting, and so much more. Halftone - great for comic illustrations or imitating vintage advertisements. 39. Inliner: A calligraphy brush with a rough edge. Enjoy! Delicious Texture Brushes & Stamps for Procreate – $15 2X Added to favorites . This is a brush created for the Procreate app. I hope they like it as much as I do! Safe to say you’ll feel like Bob Ross with this brush pack. Free Felt Tip Procreate Brush 13 Classic Illustration Brushes with Stipples Pack for Procreate. Acme Studio Digital Banner True Grit Video Advertising Texture Packs Core Values High Contrast Create A Logo Submissive The pack includes: 10 brushes -Flat texture -Magic texture -Wood texture -Wild brush -Drag brush -Constellation -Ink Brush -Detail -Space brush … Textures are high-resolution and 100% seamless. You can see the shape of any brush clearly when you tap your finger or Apple Pencil on the canvas, using the brush as a stamp instead of making a stroke. Upon download you get two .brushset files with all 20 brushes to load directly to procreate. 30. All of those – free to use. Add the wood’s grain and knots into the mix – and now you have a texture that’s quite difficult to nail. It will be a perfect package if you want to add just texture without having to draw everything with hand or for giving a touch of roughness to your piece.

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