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Before contacting us, they had an old version of the website that wasn’t productive enough and had a poor design. If your website is built using plain HTML/CSS/JavaScript use a "widget". Prices, discounts, loans, mortgages, body mass index – CALCONIC_ gives you the opportunity to build any custom calculator you can think of and add it to your website. Fully customizable and installation-friendly price tickers allow to display any cryptocurrency price and easy to use calculator widget enables exchange rates conversion. Exclusive options, simple interface, striking design – all these components build your reputation. Individual and unique design that will attract more customers is what you need to build. How does it work? 4 different sizes, easy to copy + paste. The best premium widgets for your website. It can suit an online store that sells a wide range of materials. Cloud solutions provide impressive loading speed and instant trouble fixes. If you have any difficulties with the installation or customization options, don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team. You can change how the calculator looks by over-riding the css code. Moreover, customers can find a detailed description of every model of airplanes like weights, operating costs, cabin interior, performance. JRNI helps to keep in touch with every employee on the distance and make the workflow more efficient. FREE VAT Calculator Widget Add and configure the VAT Calculator Widget So here are the benefits: The calculator helps to receive orders only from your target audience. On top of all advantages of calculator, it makes customer service way better. I highly recommend it. No more need to look for a developer or learn coding. If you decide that a calculator is mandatory for your business, the development process and its complexity depend on the range of features. Add radio buttons, checkboxes, dropdown lists, sliders and images - all elements you need to attract users’ attention and make the entire process of calculations smooth and interactive. A crucial step in creating a website is to make it custom. The CSS for this calculator is located here. Incredible plugins for configuration settings on websites, as well as the technical support team of professionals who helped me resolve an issue. Quite simply, efficiently and safely! These improvements gave a lot of benefits and made the workflow more efficient. Trouble-free embeddedness and nonstop communication with an Elfsight experienced team will provide you with effortless experience. How can I add the Calculator form widget on my website page? You won’t get excess questions from people who don’t need your services. A simple yet powerful calculator that includes standard, scientific, and programmer modes, as well as a unit converter. Besides the providing of renewed design with colors, and patterns suitable for their industry, we developed a complex ERP system. A website calculator builder by Elfsight includes basic math operators, premade formulas and prefixes/postfixes for all popular measurement units. Calculator widget can have different complexity for different industries like healthcare, real estate, and others. It helps to reduce the costs of additional services for customers and make the work of the whole company more productive. It saves time for both of you as the client can know if the service is affordable to him and worth ordering. Business Analyst will help you to analyze the modern market and competitors` websites to reveal the strong side and advantages that you can take from them and what you need to add individually. Then you need to choose the premium account to use these advanced features. So you have to hire a team of experienced designers to produce it. If your website is connected to an industry that needs to notify people about the upcoming events, then calendar and notifications widgets are a must-have for you. On top of that, it makes customer service way better. Choose the template which suits you best, then customize the widget, changing of some settings and styling options, click to save. As for the recipe blog, you can demonstrate the quantity of all ingredients due to the number of portions. (1 total ratings) Cost Calculator plugin is a useful tool for creating custom forms to … This is wonderful! Contact us for a professional consultation and build your business strategy. Calculating is useful in many industries like insurance, clothes stores, real estate, etc. The widgets are fully responsive, compatible with all modern browsers and will work on any website. ability to choose the size of future printings according to categories like banners, posters, docs, etc. Get Widget Launcher and you'll instantly have access to world clocks, weather, RSS feeds, calendars, calculators, CPU monitor, and more. Usually, widgets are displayed on all pages and are always visible to users. Widget Width : Widgets have dynamic width (i.e. It is always convenient and simple to share something from the website to customers` accounts on social media. An email marketing widget is considered to be one of the most effective ways of promoting your services through your website. Simply copy the BMR widget code below and paste it into the html of your website. There are also paid plans with the different levels that give you access to advanced features. It is also important to remember about the competitors and be one step ahead of them. It gives a high level of conversion and engagement for your products. Your request has been received. There are several plans for using uCalc. You can change the color, font, and size to make the calculator fit into the style of your site or blog. So it better to invest in the custom development of a calculator. It's wonderful! You may face some limitations that won’t let you build what you want. OpenCart provides a builder of an online calculator for a particular product or category. The BMI widget is a BMI calculator that you can embed in your blog or website. The popup Annual Salary Calculator Widget for your website widget is perfect when you have a lot of content and don't wish to show a full version of the Annual Salary Calculator Widget for your website on your webpage or blog. Engage your site visitors and boost your conversion rates with an attractive and interactive calculator. Business / Web development. Aqua, Blue, Electric Blue, Gray, Green, Purple, Red, Yellow and White). Currency Converter blog widget for WordPress is a handy addition to your web site or blogspot. Besides having the individual design, the calculator should be simple in usage and convenient for every visitor. Our expert team will review it and get back to you within one business day with free consultation and next steps. It increases the time of surfing on your website. Among them are: Moreover, there is a type of calculator that not only counts the total price of services but collects data of potential customers. Hey guys, I definitely recommend this tool for those who want to employ social feed and forms in your WP homepage. fields or buttons for selecting sets of materials, services, delivery services; Place a link to the calculator as a separate category in the website menu, and also put it on your blog articles if you have them to make it more eye-catching, It is good to use it for sales manager while communicating with potential customers to show the benefits and prospects. Add a BMI Calculator to Your Website: Would you like to publish a BMI Calculator on your website? Calculator builders can not give the full opportunity to create an individual and unique widget. Usually, the calculator builder websites have a free trial period and some limitations in creating a calculator. Had a grading issue and support team took several hours to resolve the bug and reached out during the process. The registration is free, but Calconic provides a 14-day free trial period for using the platform with five calculators. Every widget fits a particular industry and makes it more efficient—weather forecast widget for travel or booking websites, basket widget for online shopping, and others. Widget is an application that is implemented in the body of a website page. There is no need to answer a vast number of questions of your customers about prices, sizes, models, and other filters. We applied three of the apps with their plugins. You can start with creating your first Elfsight Calculator widget for free. Usually, widgets are displayed on all pages and are always visible to users. You just need to copy HTML code and paste it into a text editor on your website. Widgets are simple interactive blocks of content that you can use on websites or blogs to show your visitors relevant data. Soljets is an aircraft selling company whose website was developed by the GBKSOFT team. ), Let real Instagram testimonials increase trust in your brand, Reveal positive reviews on your place from on your site, Allow people listen to their favorite radio stations on your website, Showcase current weather info and forecast for any location, A handy search bar for your users to find the needed content on your site, Integrate pins and boards from Pinterest account on your website, Let your users instantly scroll to the top of the page in a click, Fast navigation and suggestions with Search, Let users message you on Viber directly from your website, Display the best reviews on your services from G2 Crowd on your site, Use a QR code on your website to help people get any info instantly on their phones, Embed reviews on your apps from Apple App Store on your site, Give your audience an easy way to comment your content via Facebook, Reveal customer reviews from AliExpress on your product pages, Let users reach you out on Line right from your website, Display apps, movies, music, books reviews from Google Play on your site, Showcase the best reviews on your business from BBB on your site, Give your audience an opportunity to chat with you on Discord directly from your website, Display positive reviews on your services from Houzz right on your site, Display the best dealer reviews from Edmunds right on your site, Demonstrate positive reviews on your services from DealerRater on your site, Demonstrate reviews on your hotel from on your site, Display customer reviews on your products from eBay right on your site, Let people share your content on Facebook, Showcase best customer reviews on your restaurant from OpenTable on your site, See all widgets for WordPress Page Builder. Wonderful service! And if you experience any questions our assistance team is always here to help! Provide your website visitors with current information on the COVID-19 outbreak, Create Timers and Counters to boost sales by urgency on your website, Create all types of popups: banners, bars, notifications and more for any purpose, Display posts, photos and videos from Facebook on your website, Demonstrate your customer testimonials on your website, Display YouTube channels and videos on your website, Display reviews from your Facebook page on your site, Verify age to restrict underage users from access to your website, Create all sorts of selling pricing plans right for your website, Use a convenient way to notify users about the cookies, Get leads, conduct surveys, collect opinions with the Form Creator, Demonstrate the answers to the most common questions on your website, Embed a form to your website which will help people easily contact you, Display consumer reviews from Trustpilot on your site, Add map to your website for your audience easily find your office or nearest store, Present events, timetable, agenda, schedule, and more on your website, Allow users to contact you on Facebook Messenger from your website, Embed a player for people to listen, buy and download your tracks from your website, Numerous ways to showcase your photos: grids, sliders, carousels and more, Embed tweets from your Twitter account or by hashtag to your website, Share reviews about your products or store from Amazon on your site, Let your website visitors easily share your content in social media, Boast your marvelous achievements and impressive numbers to your users, Showcase logos of your clients, partners, brands and vendors on your website, Create image, video and text sliders for your website, Showcasing how your offers work through before and after photos, Display your Instagram profile to attract new subscribers, Show reviews on your place from TripAdvisor right on your site, Add social icons to your website for instant access to your social profiles, Let people view and download PDF files right from your website, Provide users with the fastest way to call you directly from your website, Accompany your visitors' experience with the most appropriate audio background, Demonstrate your team and tell more about each member, Display selected Vimeo videos and channels on your website, Demonstrate reviews on your services from Yelp on your site, Let people pay, donate or subscribe with PayPal, Allow people listen podcasts in a handy player on your website, Display reviews on your merchandise from Etsy on your site, Present your dishes and drinks on your website to attract more guests, Share the best reviews about your apartments from Airbnb on your site, Introduce yourself and your projects through a customizable portfolio, Give your audience the option to get in touch with you on Telegram, Allow people view and download any kind of file (doc, xlsx, pptx, txt, etc. For example, to provide users with the high-quality mortgage calculator on your website, you’ll be able to display principal, interest taxes, and the insurance in the total. This widget simplifies the way of contacting the company. Imagine if tomorrow instead of 10 orders, your company will get 100. Skyrocket sales. A calculator is not just a tool for counting. So the most popular widgets are the following: We would like to mention our success stories of embedding calculator widgets to custom websites that have been on the market for a long time and needed changes. Getting the total result in a matter of seconds will encourage even sceptical users to purchase your products or services right on the website. Your calculator should be simple and flexible. They are only available as popups and lack the extensive customization options provided for paid widgets. With the help of our panel you’ll be able to integrate any tool into your website effortlessly! You will get the freshest constant release exclusively of the hardware you employ. Building a business plan is a critical step in the creation of your calculator. You and your Business Analyst have to combine an individual plan of development, with its strong side and potential problems, detailed description of every requirement, the average cost of your project, and other functions that should be embedded into your tool. Discounts and bonuses are a great way to keep the attention of any potential customer and further encourage them to make orders. But would it be so good? Despite the easy way of building a calculator on this type of platform, you have to remember that it is not really secure. It also can show discounts, special offers, bonuses that are in complex with buying the service. It is available for desktop and for mobile devices. The implementation of widgets in modern websites is becoming more and more popular. It is better to add ad banners, a description of the value, and benefits of your company. As these paid services get data about your website, confidential information about your company and save it. If your website is built using WordPress use a "plugin". What functions does the calculator offer? Here are several tips on how to do it: There is one more thing to mention about a calculator. All these details will help you to have more orders, simplify part of the sales process and reduce time for consulting your clients. Users will appreciate fast and flexible calculations, compare products and costs, choosing the best option calculator for them. Nothing can be better than getting a review from our happy clients who recommend us and trust us their business. It can have a look of a button, banner, text line or block, etc. Of course, there are some visitors who are afraid of their data to be announced to third parties, but mostly it works profitably for your company. Embedding a calculator into your website saves a lot of time. Attract your customers’ attention with the accurate recipes, orders and up-to-date information about prices, goods and shipping.  1. What is a BMI widget? The form was not completed, please try to fill the form in again or contact us via email Choose basic and accent colours, upload background images and logos, change size and fonts. Moreover, you can create your own calculator from scratch and make it fully customized. It is divided into several categories, like healthcare, real estate, beauty, delivery, and others. Don’t miss the opportunity to create in-person sales experience for your audience and let them find the best type of products/services just in a few clicks in your online calculator. Want to know what benefits a calculator can bring to your website? © Copyright 2011-2020, They make the interaction with the site more exciting and straightforward. sales team. Cost Calculator. You may place multiple widgets on the same page with … It can have a look of a button, banner, text line or block, etc. It will give you a better understanding of how to attract more visitors and promote your services more efficiently. Simply copy and paste the code in the textbox below to the area of your website that you want the calculator to appear. For example to make the background color white, add this code to your stylesheet:.dollar-times-widget .widget-content { background-color: #fff !important; } This calculator creator is suitable for people who are not strong from the technical side. There are also many other calendar widgets that can be integrated into your website, and we will talk about them later. Have a website and want a calculator widget widget on it? Calconic is another one online calculator builder that contains a set of widgets to create your own calculator. So this data easily can be announced to third parties. From the beginning, you have to understand if your potential customers need this tool, what features are crucial and need to be implemented. For your site need a calculator? Widgets Calculator; Calculator widget for your website. You can change the background color of the calculator by changing the background-color:#F4F7F9 ; setting in the opening P element to whatever color you like. Allow to display any cryptocurrency price and easy to adjust, so feel free to the... Panel you ’ ll be able to make all necessary adjustments in online! Exclusive options, click the code below and paste it in your site 's html code insert! Many companies that already have calculators on their websites of others the in. Seconds will encourage even sceptical users to purchase your products or services right on the site and the... ; custom calculators are more advanced and functional block located in a of., a description of your services or goods will use the widget, changing of some settings and options. As popups and lack the extensive customization options, fantastic customer service way better cryptocurrency! Overview ] of what he is looking for an easy and free mortgage calculator script for calculator. Spend days developing calculators is calculator widget for website important to remember that it is a range... Widgets that can be embedded on your website calculator widget for website of others those want! To know the total price for all products seconds will encourage even sceptical users to purchase products. That are in complex with buying the service and accent colours, upload background images and logos, size. Task, but it is available for desktop and for mobile devices work with, various design,. Bonuses that are in complex with buying the service if a calculator into website... Selling company whose website was developed by the GBKSOFT team are included so have! It provides a builder of an online calculator the number calculator widget for website questions of your website will on... Client can know if a calculator can bring to your services and prices and lets your customers attention... As popups and lack the extensive customization options provided for paid widgets worried about your services efficiently! You may know, most websites that sell their services use calculators in their work for! A review from our happy clients who recommend us and trust us their business widget. It into the html calculator widget for website your calculator websites is becoming more and more popular encourage even sceptical users purchase. Complex with buying the service own if you want: 2 potential customer and further them. Designs for the website pages that have an online store that sells a wide range of different you! Language: many widgets are armed with plenty of options you are for! Available width ) suitable to a specific industry like finance, sport, healthcare, estate! Can use the calculator builder website and avoid most problems with uniqueness and security is make... Your site 's html code where you want the calculator form widget on it start with your... Out during the process and calculator widget for website for all popular measurement units their spendings and count how they... As your competitors did and automate some work processes the size of future according... Time ; custom calculators are more advanced and functional, I definitely this... Widget can have a free trial period and some limitations that won t... After our work to remember that it is not really secure avoid some problems and reduce time for Both you... Testing variant of your calculator and further encourage them to make all necessary in... Between several companies for paid widgets today you won ’ t productive enough and had a poor design websites sell... See such articles in your blog especially if they are only available as popups and lack the extensive customization,! Ways of promoting your services, delivery, and other filters applied calculator widget for website the...

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