Buck Whiteway


In between writing and recording my music and doing my radio show, I enjoy working with talented musicians, songwriters and singers. Often it’s simply for the pure please of creating music without expectation. If this sounds like fun and you’re a talented musician or singer send me an email. There may be ways we can work together.

If you’re a aspiring artist, looking to record, I invite you to listen to Mike Latini’s album, Ace LaVida which was recorded at my studio here in New Milford Connecticut. I produced and engineered the album along with Mike and Jim Nowak.

My time, however, is not for rent. I only work with people I like and whose music moves me. And I do not charge for my time or studio. So what’s in it for me? Beyond the enjoyment of working with talented people, I require that you record at least a few of my songs and if the album is a success I would expect to share in some of the bounty. If you’re interested please feel free to contact me.